Episode 106

Published on:

12th Jul 2023

#106 - Matt Seabrook - Weathering the Storm & Finding Your Passion (Archive Edition)

Matt Seabrook is the owner of Dresher Physical Therapy. Matt founded Dresher PT in 2001 and has built it into two highly respected community-based rehabilitation centers in suburban Philadelphia.

Matt discuses what he and his wife Chris calls “the most challenging thing we ever went through in our lives", when their first child was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Hurler’s Syndrome.

Matt also describes how he signed his first lease for his PT Clinic a few weeks after 9/11 in a location that was notorious for having one failed business after another. 

We discuss Matt's leadership principles, the book he keeps going to when he needs to clear and refocus his mind and why he created a family mission statement

Matt also talks about what it was like to lead a small business through the COVID-19 shutdown and the opportunities that COVID opened up for his business. 

Connect with Matt Seabrook, MPT:

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