Episode 113

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13th Sep 2023

#113 - Marco "The Professor" Perazzo: Conquering Imposter Syndrome, The Art of Coffee Making, Falling in Love with the Process, Evolving Your BJJ Game, and How to Live Like a Billionaire

Marco "The Professor" Perazzo returns to talk how to conquer imposter syndrome, brew the perfect cup of coffee, why we need to fall in love with the process to succeed in anything, evolving your BJJ game, lessons learned from 15 years owning his own small business / BJJ Academy, co-hosting the Ninja Rob Podcast and what COVID-19 taught him about business and life.

Marco tells us how he how he lives like a billionaire while forgoing luxury and how his business and teaching practices have evolved over the years.

Marco is a 4th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, owner and head instructor New Jersey Marital Arts located in Maple Shade, NJ. 

Marco is the  is co-host (or as he likes to say "the main cohost") of the popular Ninja Rob Podcast where he and former MMA fighter Tim Carpenter discusses all things MMA / UFC.

Marco known in the BJJ community as “The Professor” has been cornerman for MMA fighters competing in the UFC and Bellator.

Marco, a native of South Philadelphia, spent his early years between his home in South Philadelphia, Argentina (where his mother was born), and Italy (where his father was born).

Marco and I met on the mats back in the day at Maxercise, when it was the first BJJ academy on the east coast. We both received our Black Belts in BJJ from the Migliarese Brothers of Balance Studios in Philadelphia.

Connect with Marco "The Professor" Perazzo:

"Life is Built, Not Born."

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